TrainingS G. Morris is always looking for ways to help our customers stay current with new technologies, reduce unplanned downtime, and save money.

Upcoming Training Courses

S. G. Morris offers a full line of standard and customized Fluid Power, Safety, & Lubrication Training classes. Our current list of courses includes:

Fundamental Hydraulics


  • This three-day course is designed for those individuals involved with troubleshooting hydraulic systems in the industrial environment. Learn more about Troubleshooting Training.

Leaks, Causes and Cures

  • Each student will be provided with reference materials on how to identify seals and specify seal materials, how to identify and stop leaks, as well as, proper hose routing techniques to reduce leaks and extend the life of the hose. An accredited instructor with years of industry experience will teach the class. Learn more about Leaks, Causes and Cures Training

Fluidtrainingclasses2Electro Hydraulics

  • This three-day course emphasizes the fundamentals and principles of electro hydraulic system components and circuit operation. Learn more about Electro Hydraulics Training.

Mobile Hydraulics

  • This four and a half day course is an expanded version of the three-day Fundamental Hydraulics course that includes hands-on exercises that focuses on mobile component construction and operation, as well as on the role of the individual components in an operating mobile hydraulic system. Learn more about Mobile Hydraulics Training.

Advanced Mobile Hydraulics

  • This four-and-a-half-day course will cover how to select and properly size components used in mobile hydraulic circuits. Learn more about Advanced Mobile Hydraulics

Total Machine Safety

  • Total Machine Safety is the first fully integrated electrical and fluid power machine safeguarding training program. Learn more about Total Machine Safety Training.

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