System Integration

OSG Morris | System Integration | Motion Control Designne of the features that distinguishes S. G. Morris from other distributors is our engineering expertise. We have a staff of “in-house” Controls, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineers who provide our customers with all types of technical assistance.

Application Success Stories

Choose S. G. Morris for:

  • Hydraulic, Electrical, and Mechanical Design
  • Motion Control
    • Closed loop, position, velocity, and force control
  • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Aided Machine Simulation
    • SG Morris | PLC | Motion Control Design | HMI | Control Panels3D Computer Aided Design
    • FEA – Finite Element Analysis
  • Merging IT with the Shop Floor
    • Networking
    • Particle Counter Systems on LAN
    • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Selection of the Best Components for the Best Solutions


  • Designing
  • Building
  • Start-Up/Commissioning
  • SG Morris | FLUID POWER DESIGN: | Hydraulic Schematics | Electrical Schematics | Mechanical LayoutsField Service
  • Repair & Troubleshooting
  • Training


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