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SG Morris | Hydraulic power unit assembly and test

S. G. Morris designs and builds a broad range of power units.  Whether it is one standard unit or multiple custom-engineered systems, you can rely on our extensive experience.

Contact S. G. Morris to set up an appointment to discuss your next power unit requirement or to request a complete list of products and manufacturers.

Choose S. G. Morris for:

  • Hydraulic power unit assembly and test
  • Custom hydraulic manifold assembly and test
  • Large and small air panel fabrication and test
  • Custom pneumatic manifold assembly and test
  • Lubrication systems
  • Power units driven by variable speed electric motors
  • Stainless steel piping and reservoirs
  • Welded pipe assemblies
  • Mineral oil and water glycol and other exotic fluid applications
  • Wide range of features and options
  • Controls which interface with fieldbus systems, such as DeviceNet, ProfiBus, CanBus and EtherNet I/P
  • Electrical panels, fabrications and installations
  • Hydrostatic transmissions
  • Zero leak high pressure systems
  • Power unit repair
  • Fully staffed engineering team of mechanical and electrical engineers
  • Sales team of certified fluid power specialists
  • On-site hose, pipe and tubing installation
  • On-site troubleshooting

Contact your Sales Engineer or the nearest S. G. Morris office to set up a consultation to discuss your next Power Unit Project.

Call toll-free 866-746-6774 today.


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