Eaton Warranty Service Center

Eaton Warranty Service Center - Repair Underway

S. G. Morris is an authorized Eaton Warranty Service Center. This service is designed to improve customer satisfaction by speeding warranty evaluation and repairs.

Customers are able to send qualifying Eaton®, Vickers®, and Char-Lynn® products directly to the Cleveland office of S.G. Morris for warranty evaluation and repair, rather than shipping it to the Eaton manufacturing site. This will streamline the warranty evaluation and repair process to minimize downtime and cost for our customers.

Qualifying Eaton Products include:

• Vane Pumps

• Piston Pumps

• Piston Motors

• Hydrostatic Piston, Pumps & Motors

• Spool Valve Motors

• Disc Valve Motors

• Directional Control Valves

• Pressure Control Valves

• Flow Control Valves

• Pilot Check Valves

• Check Valves

• Mobile Control Spool Valves

• Steering

• Accumulators

• Pressure Switches