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BerarmaS. G. Morris is the authorized North American Distributor for Berarma Products. Berarma manufactures pressure compensated vane pumps. They were formerly marketed by Eaton Corporation
under VVS and VVP model codes.

Berarma is an Italian company, with over 30 years experience manufacturing high quality vane pumps. These pumps are flexible and modular and lend themselves to many applications with short lead times.

One of the goals of S. G. Morris is to keep our customers in operation around the clock. We maintain a large inventory of Berarma products and we provide on-site service and installation, testing and repair capabilities. We are able to service customers in the entire North American region.

Consider S. G. Morris for:

  • New Applications
  • PSP Series Vane Pumps
  • PVS Series Vane Pumps
  • PHV Series Vane Pumps (High pressure variable displacement vane pumps)
  • New PLP Pump Series (Low pressure variable displacement vane pumps)
  • General & Technical Information
  • Variable Displacement Vane Pump Series with ATEX Certification
  • GMPX ATEX Motor – Pumps
  • GMP Electric Motors/Pumps with special flanging for direct coupling
  • NRV – Non Return Valves with SAE Flange
  • Repairs for Berarma Pumps, Valves, & Motors