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Pressroom Electronics - Punch Press Clutch Brake Controls, Time Based Brake MonitorsS. G. Morris is an authorized distributor for Pressroom Electronics serving Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Pressroom Electronics manufacturs press controls for the metal stamping and metal forming industry. These products are OSHA and ANSI compliant, and provide automation and safety.

Pressroom Electronics produces safety products that help make industrial machinery more efficient and effective. Pressroom Electronics products are American made, and provide industry solutions that are price competitive.

One of the goals of S. G. Morris is to keep our customers in operation around the clock.  We maintain a large inventory of Pressrrom Electronics products, provide on-site service and installation, and repair services.

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  • New Applications
  • Punch Press Clutch / Brake Controls
  • Time Based Brake Monitors
  • Punch Press Automation Controls
  • Die Protection Systems
  • Programmable Limit Switch
  • Tonnage Monitoring
  • Servo Feed Interface
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