Parker Hydraulic Valve (Pulsar, Voac, Commercial, Colorflow, Gresen)

Parker - DIN Slip-In Cartridges, Mobile Integrated Manifold SystemsS. G. Morris an the authorized distributor for the Parker Valve Division.  The valves are known by the names of Pulsar, Voac, Commercial, Colorflow and Gresen.  Parker is a manufacturer of standard and custom hydraulic products.

Rely on S. G. Morris and Parker for a single component, a custom-engineered solution, or anything in between.  S. G. Morris and Parker are your partners for mobile applications.

One of the goals of S. G. Morris is to keep our customers in operation around the clock. We maintain an inventory of Parker valve products and accessories, provide on-site service and installation, testing, and repair services.

Contact us for Parker Hydraulic Valve products including:

  • New Applications
  • DIN Slip-In Cartridges   
  • Mobile Integrated Manifold Systems    
  • Mobile Load-Sense Directional Control Valves 
  • Mobile Open-Center Directional Control Valves 
  • Colorflow Stainless Steel and Throttle Valves
  • Mobile Remote Control Solutions 
  • Mobile In-Line Accessories
  • General and Technical Information

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