Magnetek Radio Controls

MAGNETEK - Electromotive® Systems Adjustable Frequency DrivesMagnetekS. G. Morris is an authorized distributor for Magnetek Radio Controls.  Magnetek is the premier provider of innovative power control and delivery systems, and solutions for the material handling industry.

Magnetek got it start with the use of adjustable frequency and wireless controls on overhead cranes, and now works in many industries including: aerospace, automotive, steel, aluminum, paper, logging, mining, ship loading, nuclear power plants, work boats, locomotive yards, and the grain industry.

One of the goals of S. G. Morris is to keep our customers in operation around the clock. We maintain an inventory of Magnetek products, provide on-site service and installation and repair services.

Contact us for Magnetek products including:

  • New ApplicationsMagnetekmining
  • Electromotive® Systems Adjustable Frequency Drives
  • Telemotive® and Enrange™ Radio Remote Controls
  • Mondel® Brake Products
  • Electrobar® Power Delivery Systems
  • SBP2® Pushbutton Pendant Stations
  • Electromotive Festoon Systems and Cable
  • Blue Max® and Black Max® Motors
  • Magnetek Soft Starters
  • Magnetek Severe Duty AC and DC Traction Drives and Controls
  • General and Technical Information

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Visit Magnetek on the web: www.magnetekmh.comMagnetekmining2