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S. G. Morris is an authorized distributor for Hose Master products serving Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Hose Master - Corrugated Metal Hose, Stripwood Metal Hose, Expansion JointsHose Master is a premier manufacturer of metal hose and expansion joints with facilities located in Cleveland, Ohio, Houston, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia.  Hose Master was the first domestic metal hose manufacturer to be ISO 9000 registered and is widely recognized for technical expertise and innovation. In addition, Hose Master is North America’s only manufacturer of advanced hydroformed technology for manufacturing corrugated metal hose.  As a service and engineering company, Hose Master dedicates more than 10% of its workforce to research and development, has in-house machine design capabilities, and 80+ certified ASME IX welders able to support high volume and demand.

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Hose Master - Corrugated Metal Hose, Expansion Joints  Hose Master - Corrugated Metal Hose  Hose Master - Expansion Joints, Corrugated Metal Hose

Hose Master - Expansion Joints  Hose Master - Expansion Joints, New Applications