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Enfield - Controllers, Drivers, ElectronicsS. G. Morris is an authorized distributor for Enfield Technologies products serving Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Since 1991, Enfield, an American company, has provided advanced automation control solutions in industrial automation, product testing and animatronics.

Enfield offers patented servo-pneumatic systems that are designers’ first choice in major manufacturing companies all over the world.

One of the goals of S. G. Morris is to keep our customers in operation around the clock.  We maintain an inventory of Enfield products and accessories, provide on-site service and installation, testing and repair capabilities.

Enfield | Positioning System | Controllers | Drivers | Electronics Contact us for Enfield:

  • New Applications
  • Valves (LS-V05s, LS-V15s, LS-V25s)
  • Positioning System (Servo Pneumatic Proportional Control System)
  • Controllers (LS-C10, LS-C41, C1)
  • Drivers (D1)
  • Electronics (LS-C30)
  • Custom Solutions (PD-9000)
  • Components
  • Repairs
  • Parts
  • General and Technical Information

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Visit Enfield Technologies on the web: www.enfieldtech.com

Enfield - Components, Controllers, Pneumatic ControlEnfield - Servo Pneumatic Proportional Control System