Eaton P1 Integrator – Industrial


S.G. Morris is an Authorized P1 Integrator
Comprehensive Industrial and Mobile Electro Hydraulic Solutions

Equipment manufacturers design machines for the toughest jobs in the world and need a powerful place to turn for power management. S. G. Morris and Eaton are constantly striving to leverage our broad electrical and hydraulic product breadth to come up with creative ways to bring our customers more efficient, reliable, safe, and sustainable approaches to electrohydraulic power management.

Introducing the P1 Integrator Program; a network of highly-trained, certified electro-hydraulic system integrators who design power management systems for the industry’s most sophisticated and most demanding manufacturers.

S.G. Morris has been an authorized P1 Integrator since 2015.  The P1 Integration Program delivers the industry’s broadest electric and hydraulic portfolio. The program leverages a vast expert application, engineering, and design integrator network to help manufacturers specify and design robust electro-hydraulic power management solutions for the most challenging industrial and mobile applications.

What does the P1 Integration Program mean for you?
Injection Molding MachineLocal application, engineering, and design support

Local S. G. Morris and Eaton integrator experts are available to help.  They will identify key solution design elements, barriers and constraints and assist in establishing project goals and timing to achieve customized solutions for our customers. The P1 Integrator experts work to design an electro-hydraulic solution that delivers tangible ROI and reduces the product’s total cost of ownership.

Single sourcing reduces cost and time

The Eaton P1 Integrator program provides all components, services and support for both electronic and hydraulics parts and solutions all from a single source. Working with one power management supplier streamlines the project, delivering vital cost savings in parts, integration and reducing overall project time.

Eaton’s innovation methodology

Eaton’s Innovation Methodology leverages human-centered design principles (Looking, Understanding,and Making) to more quickly bring your key stakeholders and cross-functional project teams into alignment. This program is critical to establishing “design intent” and aligns expectations, identifies keybusiness priorities, constraints and performance requirements. The result is an electro-hydraulic solution that is custom designed to address our customers’ customers business and  performance strategies.

Rapid prototyping, and design iteration

A vast network of expert integrators have access to Eaton’s state-of the art collaboration tools that help customers build a design that aligns budget, cost savings thresholds and implementation timeline with overall expectations to achieve performance targets. With rapid prototyping, customers can refine the solution with a series of iterations, dramatically reducing overall time and avoiding costly design rework.

Sustained support for reliability

By working with S. G. Morris and Eaton, customers have access to expert knowledge and local service. Eaton’s products maximize efficiency and our quick service allows us to respond to your inquiries, orders and service requests when you need us. Eaton’s P1 Integrator Program continues to deliver reliability that will keep your systems up and running and continuously delivering on the goals you’ve established.

The P1 Integrator Program delivers:

  • Reduced implementation time, delivering less down time and faster time to market
  • Lower total cost of ownership in every project through the country’s leading single source electro-hydraulic supplier
  • Access to the industry’s finest electro-hydraulic experts across the country
  • Experience and knowledge to design electro-hydraulic systems that optimize performance
  • Agile design and rapid iteration program adapts to resource constraints and changing requirements

Alignment Strategy:

  • Project plan built to deliver critical functionality at just the right time
  • Clear timelines and milestones that align expectations

Innovation Workshop:

  • Solutions built around key priorities of the organization
  • End user centric design
  • Collaborative approach drives participation and buy-in at every level
  • Program addresses and aligns the needs of each stakeholder

Human-Centered Rapid Design

  • Iterative design implementation and testing sessions
  • Rapid prototypes drive incremental improvements are re-engineered into an overall solution
  • Reduced engineering time, lower overall project time and cost

Final Design Testing Implementation

  • Deliver an electro-hydraulic solution that is customized to your needs and goals


Contact your S. G. Morris sales representative to learn more about how the P1 Program can help you achieve your company’s goals or contact us at 866-746-6774 or