Delta Computer Systems

S. G. Morris is an authorized distributor for Delta Computer Systems.  Since 1982, Delta has designed and manufactured single and multi-axis motion controllers and accessory products for industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electric closed loop position, velocity and pressure/force applications.

When you buy Delta products, you receive much more than a great product in a package. You receive their experience in performance, adaptability, ease-of-use, service, and lasting value.

One of the goals of S. G. Morris is to keep our customers in operation around the clock.  We maintain a large inventory of Delta products, provide on-site service and installation, training, and repair services.

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  • New Applications/Systems Design and Programming
  • RMC Motion Controllers
  • Motion Control Software
  • Color Sensors
  • Components
  • Repairs
  • Parts
  • General and Technical Information

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